The Avanti Beach House
An outside fireplace, picnic area, and grill
Stunning wrap around ocean and nature views
Bright and airy 1st-floor living room.
The 1st-floor bedroom
There is also a enclosed porch bedroom available.
The 1st-floor bathroom
The 1st-floor laundry
The 1st-floor kitchen
The 1st-floor dining area
Stunning 2nd-floor balcony view with a great state park on the left
2nd-floor kitchen
2nd-floor master bedroom?deck opens out to a west ocean view
2nd-floor bedroom
2nd-floor, third bedroom with bunk bed set?deck opens out to a west ocean view
2nd-floor bathroom with shower and full tub?window has a west ocean view
The second floor has its own laundry room.
The 2nd-floor reading nook
South view from the 3rd-floor living room
These two sleeping areas are both open and next to each other.
These alternate views of the third floor show off its amenities.
Large game room
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